You want to have an outstanding event that your audience will rave about for months afterwards.

You want speakers on board who go beyond just being well spoken. Speakers with riveting stories, mind bending content and the magnetism to ignite your audience into action.

And let’s face it, your reputation is on the line.

We have done the work for you. All our speakers have passed our very strict criteria. We manage the whole booking from beginning to end to ensure you have remarkable speakers and everything goes smoothly.

Meet our high profile and celebrity speakers:

Adam Markel

A serial entrepreneur, Adam Markel left his multi-million dollar law firm to pursue a passion for teaching and transformation, quickly becoming CEO of one of the largest personal development organizations in the world.  Now he shows his audiences how to...

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Maribeth Kuzmeski

Top Marketing Strategist, Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski has a proven track record of leading average performing sales teams to double their sales as well as taking top producers from being in the top 10% to the top 1% within one year. Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski is one...

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Brian Smith

After founding and building UGG Australia which matured into a billion-dollar global icon, Brian Smith is now the leading authority on creating an unforgettable brand experience, rich corporate culture and highly productive teams. Brian Smith, Founder of...

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Karen Tiber Leland

As a branding and marketing strategist, Karen’s strategic direction and implementation initiatives with Fortune 1000 companies (and their leaders) have resulted in expanding their reach, reputation and top line revenue by upwards of 25%. Karen is founder...

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Cindy Ashton

Despite being born with a 20% chance of living, enduring multiple heart surgeries and living with chronic pain, Cindy rose above her stressors to be a master presenter, TV personality and musical actress. Combining stress management tools with world class...

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Meet more of our elite speakers:

Adam Markel

A serial entrepreneur, Adam Markel left his multi-million dollar law firm to pursue a passion for teaching and transformation, quickly becoming CEO of one of the largest personal development organizations in the world.  Now he shows his audiences how to...

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Marc Gordon

Named as one of the top 100 marketing experts to follow on Twitter, and called a superstar by The Oprah Winfrey Network, Marc Gordon shows his audience how to create authentic customer experiences that build repeat business. Marc is an internationally...

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Samantha Bennett

After a lifetime in the arts, including acting with Second City, Samantha has helped tens of thousands of highly creative and easily distracted business professionals get out of overwhelm, get organized and be more productive, as well as helping...

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Michael Kass

By tapping into the power of storytelling, human connection and communication, Michael Kass has raised tens of millions of dollars for various non-profit groups, often surpassing their yearly budgets. He now shows audiences how to use those same tactics to...

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Corina Walsh

An expert in emotional intelligence and employee engagement with a background in training and development, Corina Walsh has studied top corporate cultures for her book The Employee Engagement Blueprint. She now shows audiences how to build their leadership...

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Kit Welchlin

From learning business smarts as a kid on his family farm to growing his manufacturing company 6-fold in six years while only in his 20’s, Kit understands all the complexities and layers of running a profitable organization. He is an expert in effective...

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Looking for the next great presentation?

Adam’s Pivot session with us was terrific – compelling, high-energy and thought-provoking. After an initial few minutes of discomfort – ‘oh gosh, you mean I have to participate?’ – folks really got into it, and told us later how much they appreciated the interactivity. Three weeks later, I’m still hearing ‘thank you’ from our members!

Candice Sherman, Interim CEO  Northeast Business Group on Health

Having Adam Markel speak at Athena's Signature Series program to talk about Pivoting and Resilience as it applies to personal and career reinvention was perfect for members looking to reframe their thinking. Adam is an effective communicator with a defined delivery style that's highly engaging. Our members gained a great deal from Adam. I recommend Adam and his book for anyone looking to gain perspective on their life journey.

Cheryl K Goodman, Executive Director  Athena

The unthinkable and impossible become logical and attainable when you listen to the inspirational messages Adam delivers. He’s a guy with big dreams for the world and the passionate personality to inspire to share in his dreams and to dream bigger themselves. If you want to transform the lives within your organization through personal  development, Adam is a guy who can help make it happen.

Steve Olenski, Director of CMO Content & Strategy  Oracle
Marc captured the attention and affection of our group as soon as he started. It was obvious he had done his research on our industry. This made his presentation both relevant and very entertaining. Marc’s stories and examples made the presentation seem less like a seminar and more like a conversation, with lots of audience interaction. Afterwards, he remained to speak personally to any of the participants who sought his advice. Based on an overwhelming “excellent” rating from all in attendance, it is clear to us that Marc’s participation was a key factor in the success of our event.
Janet Shang  Senior Product Manager  Bausch + Lomb
I very much appreciate your contribution and the massive value you added to our event. You were humble, thought provoking, and full of huge positive energy. Everyone loved you. You are a man of integrity, and wisdom. Thank you for being all that you were.
Dr. Sepehr Tarverdian, CEO  Hamayesh Farazan (Iran)
Marc’s presentation definitely contributed to the success of our event. His delivery, humour and storytelling skills energized and entertained our audience of over 500 people. Combined with his knowledge of marketing, attendees were able to learn new ways to reach and engage with their market. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Many would agree that Marc’s presentation was a highlight of the day.
Catherine Henry  Events Manager  Canada Post  

Marc Gordon is a gem, a true class act. When I asked him to speak to a youth entrepreneur group I lead in Toronto, he immediately agreed and saw this as a chance to give back. The day of the event arrived and our audience numbers were not as high as we had hoped. But it didn’t bother Marc. He didn’t just speak, he knocked everyone’s socks off.

His message about getting back up when life knocks you down, was inspiring, captivating, fun, real and heart centred. Marc is a gem, a true gem! Any kind of business event could benefit from having this guy speak.

David Cohen, Program Coordinator  Youth Employment Services Toronto

Sam is insightful, funny and memorable. We have had her speak several times because our audiences – creatives and executives alike – just love her.

Jackie Laine  Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance

She was one of the best speakers, if not the best, that our group has had in over 35 years! Everyone thought her presentation was perfect and some members have said that she was one of the best speakers, if not the best, that our group has had in over 35 years. Samantha made her talk about our members and how she can help them, not herself. Many members are asking about her returning next year.

Dana Silecchio  Women’s Information Network of Simi Valley

Sam Bennett is the kind of insightful, articulate thinker who can make sense of the roadblocks we all face each day.

Clate Mask, CEO  Infusionsoft

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