80% of consumer products fail. Learn strategy from a Billionaire to succeed

80% of consumer products fail. Learn strategy from a Billionaire to succeed

Remember that holiday classic, The Grinch, where hammers are hitting his head and he is screaming NOISE, NOISE, NOISE?

Thanks to social media and the marketplace being overcrowded with millions of companies trying to stand out, the whole world is filled with too many choices causing consumers to tune out.

Enter Jeff Hoffman who started and built Priceline.com to the $100 Billion brand it is today. He explains, to gain a competitive edge and lead the pack, you need to identify what product or service you offer that will win you a Gold Medal.

Before we explain, there are 2 problems that hold back a company from growing.

  1. Most companies offer too many services and products as a way to diversify, expand their reach and increase their profits. Their marketing efforts get muddy, targeting and executing too many audiences which decreases sales and slows growth. And most of what they offer are of mediocre value because they haven’t focused their efforts on creating something that stands out.
  2. Companies, in an attempt to be innovative and grow the business, keep trying to create new products. According to Harvard Business School, 80% of all new consumer products fail. As a result, companies are wasting time, money and resources to launch more products that have very little chance of taking wing.
  3. To truly scale, less is more. The best businesses grow by winning a gold medal at something. They have that ‘thing’ that makes customers salivate, running out to buy and spreading the word.

How do you determine what YOUR GOLD MEDAL product or service is?

Our company, Speaker Stardom is proud to be hosting this amazing event… An intimate 2-day mastermind with Billionaire Jeff Hoffman.

A few companies will have the opportunity to work with Jeff where he will identify how you can slim down to save money, pick the gold medal product that will drive revenue, be seen as the best in your industry and scale faster. It is important to define the product you are most likely to win that gold medal in and Jeff will help your company do just that.

September 19th and 20th in Dallas, TX

To discover how this mastermind will grow your company significantly, please schedule a call with Speaker Stardom by clicking HERE.

Here’s to your Gold Medal Moment!

Cindy Ashton, CEO of Speaker Stardom

P.S. With how fast technology is changing and the constant disruption, it is imperative to be ahead of competitors. Jeff will be able to look at your business, analyze whether or not you are being progressive and give you strategy to be innovative so your company both leads the pack AND scales.