Advisory Board

Meet our amazing Advisory Board!

We have hand-picked these remarkable people because they are truly leaders in their field and match our values.

Laura Rubinstein

Do your social media feeds feel like a ghost town? Would you like to know how major brands monetize their social media? Then follow Laura Rubinstein, author of Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide to Online Revenue. Laura is also the founder of Social Buzz Club – an online influencer network of content producers and promoters who build brand visibility through gamified content sharing.

When you need a strategy to revitalize your business, or an innovative marketing approach for bottom line growth, Laura is a wealth of insider information, resources and tactics. She is an award winning digital media and marketing professional whose passion for fueling visions and igniting brands brings them to a whole new level. Her portfolio includes supporting more than 1,000 businesses like American Express Cruise Planners, top financial planners across the US and Canada, teen celebrities, well-funded start-ups, consultants and bestselling authors.

Laura lives in San Diego with her beloved husband Kevin. They enjoy cooking, hiking, and traveling while Laura is not writing and crafting social media strategies for her clients.

Lauren Pibworth

When she’s not scuba diving with whale sharks or cuddling her puppies, you will find Lauren joyfully diving into an awesome Ontario red wine (yes – they do exist) with her husband.

With over 10 years in the advertising combined 8 years of successful small business management in the Wine and Retail industries , Lauren has fast tracked Pibworth into one of the most successful and fastest growing virtual speaker marketing agencies in North America.

Fondly nicknamed “Perception Princess”, Lauren Pibworth joyfully leads her team of skilled internet marketing professionals, designers, copywriters, and web coders to create solid branding, memorable advertising, and focused marketing solutions that often surpass the clients’ goals. Described as genuine, positive and possessing “an amazing energy”, Lauren leaps into life with a unique mixture of passion, abandon and professionalism.  She’s the friend you turn to, and the speaker marketing expert and business confidante you trust. Lauren serves on the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Toronto board as Marketing Chair, and volunteers with the National board.

Barb Stuhlemmer

Barb Stuhlemmer is a Master Business Strategist, International Speaker, Writer, Published Author, Leader of Entrepreneurs, Past TV Show Host, College Instructor, and Advisory Chair for The School of Entrepreneurship.

Barb has worked with small business most of her life and has helped many reach bigger and bigger markets using her background in systems and her insight into unseen process. Barb specialized in helping savvy business owners reach their business growth targets, year-after-year using her proven strategy process.