The Team

Suzanne St. John

Sales Director

Suzanne’s true passion is guiding others to reach their highest goals and potential. Nothing makes her prouder than seeing someone grow and spread their wings toward success!

When she isn’t busy coaching others, she can be found basking in the spotlight! She has done commercials, ad campaigns, stage, and most recently was “axed” to play Bridgett Sullivan during the re-enactment of the Lizzie Borden Murders at the actual home during the anniversary week! Creepy!

Other passions include travel, cooking, personal growth, and spending time with family and friends and generally enjoying the heck out of the life she has been given.

Sarah Luth

Communications Director

Always the understudy, never the star; but Sarah is okay with that.  In her career as an administrative professional, she’s come to love being the secret power behind the throne.  With over 20 years of administrative experience, Sarah is adept at facilitating conversations and business.

Sarah is responsible for communicating.  With us, with you and with the world!  She handles our e-mail and internet communications effortlessly; it just showcases her talent, creativity and passion.  Chances are good that if you’ve seen a social media post, read a blog or e-mailed us, you’ve talked with Sarah.

While the limelight is not her home, you can often find her curled up with a book or on her Xbox as she charges around with her flaming axe.  Sarah is also an avid portrait photographer; shooting people as they are because they are beautiful.

Michelle Emson

Technical Director

Michelle is a geek and proud of it. Her entire life has been a harmonic blend of creativity and analytical attention to detail. With over 30 years of information technology experience, Michelle has extensive skills in all aspects of Internet technologies and their application to successful businesses.

She is responsible for all of our business systems and integrations, drawing from a long history with both large scale corporate enterprises and talented entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business.

She is equally at home buried deep in server configuration as she is behind the sound or lighting board in the theatre, or caressing her Stratocaster! Michelle is also a passionate human rights activist and documentary filmmaker.

Nancy Sabo

Marketing Director

Bossy, direct and sarcastic, Nancy has you covered if you’re looking for something to say.  Nancy has made a career out of using digital content to attract clientele.  For more than 15 years, Nancy worked with large, multi-national companies on their messaging and audience.

Nancy and Sarah work closely together to bring you the word of our fearless leaders, Mark and Cindy.  Working tirelessly to curate content for your viewership and information, Nancy is the brains behind our social media and does her utmost to ensure that we shine like stars.

When she’s not indulging her whimsy through image searches, Nancy is often found buried in a good book or scuba diving with her partner.