An expert on human behavior and teamwork with more than 20 years of experience working with top executives and organizations such as AT&T, Transamerica, and NASA, David Utts shows his audiences how to master conscious leadership and deep communication so they can increase their effectiveness, reduce negative stress and become more confident.


For the past 22 years, David Craig Utts has been an inspiring keynote speaker, seasoned executive advisor, leadership coach, and meeting facilitator. He provides complete and proven systems that maximize the success of CEOs, executive leaders, emerging leaders and their teams.  David has an MS in organizational development, is a certified coach and incorporates over 30 years of business experience.


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  • Business Leaders
  • Health Care
  • Sales
  • Communication Companies
  • Government
  • Banking / Financial



Travels From St. Louis Park, MN

Price Range $3500 – $7500

Works In USA

Languages English


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David Utts is dynamic, inspiring speaker, a sage on leadership and a stellar executive coach.  David spoke twice for our speaker’s series and received one of the highest ratings ever in the history of our organization.

Patrick Wynn, Vice President, Cyber and Innovation Strategy  Howard County Economic Development Authority

David Craig Utts helped me step into a whole new level of leadership when I took over a national leadership role at a critical time for our business. He provided stellar advice, a clear framework that helped me to crystallize my vision, streamline my decision-making, and strengthened my alignment with my direct reports.


Carl Hess, Head of Risk, Investment and Reinsurance  Willis-Towers Watson

David Craig Utts assisted me to grow as a leader and also supported me to fulfill a vision I had for our firm to build an environmental practice. I am eternally grateful for the time I worked with David.

Kathy Nieland, Partner  PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Engaging the Power of Authentic Courageous Leadership: How to Double Your Results with Less Effort

Well all know leadership is important, but only 18 percent of organizations feel their leaders are very effective at meeting business goals. When managers spend too much time reacting to emails, calls and to-do lists they lose touch with their own vision, making their jobs more difficult and leaving their goals unmet despite long hours on the job. How can they stimulate their personal strengths and unleash their passionate energy so they can get the results that organizations want?

In this inspiring talk, David shows his audiences how to discover their own brand of leadership so they can build more engaged teams and get better results with less effort.

The Art of Collaboration: The Central Ingredient to Building High Performing Teams

In today’s lean organization, teamwork is more important than ever. However in a recent leadership survey, less than half of business executives felt that managers in their organization were highly skilled in collaboration. What’s missing is the ability to ask the deep questions that bring out the expertise and skills of the people around them.

In this interactive and insightful talk, David shows his audiences how to have courageous and authentic conversations that create high-value relationships and build stronger teams.

Zen-like Leadership: How to Take on the World Without the World on Your Shoulders

As burnout becomes common at every management level, many leaders blame a lack of time for their stress.  The fact is that highly successful leaders have the same amount of time as everyone else; the difference is their ability to manage their energy and make effective decisions that allow them to perform at their best.

In this engaging and interactive presentation, David shows his audiences how to develop executive presence through mindfulness, allowing them to regain their energy and become more relaxed, effective and creative in their work.