Employee Retention: What they REALLY want to make them stay

Employee Retention: What they REALLY want to make them stay

In the last couple of blogs, we have introduced you to Billionaire Jeff Hoffman who started and built Priceline.com to the 100 Billion-dollar company it is today. If you missed them, to get strategy to make your product go viral, click here and to learn how to create a gold medal product that drives revenue, click here.

Now let’s talk about employee retention.

Businesses spend nearly a billion dollar a year in employee engagement initiatives, but statistics show that 55% of employees are not only disengaged, but actively looking for other employment.


Back in the day, people got a job, grew with the company and then retired. They were happy to be have a good title and healthy pay. In organizations today, employees (especially milennials) aren’t as focused just on salary and title. Now to retain them, employees want to know if they are growing, making an impact and leaving a legacy.  Employees need to know “What’s in it for them?”

When you give your employees PURPOSE, they work hard, stay and contribute to the bottom line, and give loyalty.

Our company, Speaker Stardom, are proud to be hosting this amazing event…

An intimate 2-day mastermind with Billionaire Jeff Hoffman.

A few companies will have the opportunity to work with Jeff where he will help you uncover what are the variables that make people stay, build a career, contribute and produce more.

September 19th and 20th in Dallas, TX, hosted by Speaker Stardom.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first” ~Simon Sinek

To discover how this mastermind will grow your company significantly, please schedule a call with Speaker Stardom by clicking HERE. https://speakerstardom.com/mastermind-inquiry/

Here’s to your empowering your employees so you can scale faster and leave a legacy!

Cindy Ashton, CEO of Speaker Stardom

P.S. As a huge bonus, Jeff will give you private coaching time after the mastermind to ensure you have a plan in place to implement and scale your company to the next level