Speaker Reel Video Shoot (NYC)

Speaker Reel Video Shoot (NYC)

This is a 1-day event, with 6 spots available. Your package includes:

  • Talk Development
  • Stage Craft Coaching
  • Filming of Your Talk
  • Identifying your WOW!
  • A Highlight Reel
  • 20-minute Video of Your Talk (Uncut)

How It Works:

  • Once you register, we will schedule a convenient time with me or your speaker trainer to do your 60 minute video conference call to elevate your talk to the next level. After our call, we will send you the revisions. You will have the opportunity to email us 3 more times for other feedback and edits.
  • We will connect you with our editor, Sugar C Media, who will be producing your reel, within 2 days of registering. They will give you a list of what those ‘wow’ items are that they need so you can get them to them.
  • The day before the film shoot, you will meet your speaker trainer in person at the venue for your 60 minute stage craft coaching session.
  • Your film shoot will be from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm where you will take the stage for 20 minutes, along the other 5 speakers. We will have an Eventbrite set up for you to invite your friends to come and watch at no cost. As an added bonus, it is great promotion for you!
  • Over the 4 weeks after the filming, Carole will be working with you to produce the speaker reel and get you the uncut version of the 20 minute talk. And of course we will be overseeing the production. You will have the opportunity to ask for up to 1 revision.

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