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Natsuyo Lipschutz

Natsuyo is a Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Communications strategist. She equips global leaders with advanced cross-cultural communication skills to improve team dynamics by bridging the cultural gap and leveraging diversity.

Odette Peek

After building a seven-figure business during the middle of a recession, Odette Peek has helped thousands of businesses and sales professionals increase revenues by 50% in less than a year of working with her as well as continue to generate more business year over year.

Kristin Pedemonti

After working with countless cultures across the world, Kristin is the master of illustrating how to tap into the power of the human story to break down mis-perceptions, connect with clearer communication and give space for all voices to be heard to shift from problem oriented to creative solution driven. Contagious in a good way, her talks are not only practical, but filled with exuberance, heart and joy!

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Named by Forbes as One of the 25 Professional Networking Experts, Michelle Tillis Lederman helps corporations battle the $500 billion lost to employee disengagement by teaching her relationship-driven leadership strategies which increases retention of top talent and creates an engaged and loyal workforce which has a substantial positive impact on productivity, revenue, and profits.

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg

Why did Google SMB marketing department trust Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg to optimize their sales conversions? Since 1998, they have been #1 in sales system optimization, creating rich customer experiences across multiple platforms.  They have helped companies such as HP, 1-800-Flowers, NBC Universal Studios and JP Morgan Chase with Amazon’s 4 pillars of success.

Mike Dieterich

Mike Dieterich, an environmental science and LEED AP, is a leading global expert in sustainability and resilience who amongst his numerous accomplishments has been called on as an expert for the US Congress at the Energy Efficiency Forum to discuss energy efficiency applications and the United Nations Climate Action Forum to discuss sustainability and resilience and how these initiatives support the Paris Climate Agreement.

Benjamin Allen

After losing his wife and 2 sons to HIV due to a blood transfusion, Benjamin’s wisdom on grief and dealing with loss is unsurpassed. He is a master at showing caregivers and professionals how to give optimum service and care to their clients and patients.

Charmaine Hammond

As a former corrections officer, Charmaine Hammond practiced the art of collaboration in one of the most conflict-ridden and hostile work environments. She is now the leading authority on collaboration and conflict resolution for businesses, non-profit organizations and governments.

Steve Heroux

From a child who was very quiet, to being the #1 salesperson amongst tens thousands in his company by age 22, Steve Heroux is a leading authority of guiding sales teams to sell without “selling.”

Dom Faussette

Knowing how to communicate effectively allowed Dom Faussette to work his way up to Assistant Vice President of a Fortune 500 company without a degree. Now he is committed to sharing his insights on effective communication, diversity and relationship-building to help teams and organizations work more effectively.