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Charmaine Hammond

As a former corrections officer, Charmaine Hammond practiced the art of collaboration in one of the most conflict-ridden and hostile work environments. She is now the leading authority on collaboration and conflict resolution for businesses, non-profit organizations and governments.

Steve Heroux

From a child who was very quiet, to being the #1 salesperson amongst tens thousands in his company by age 22, Steve Heroux is a leading authority of guiding sales teams to sell without “selling.”

Dom Faussette

Knowing how to communicate effectively allowed Dom Faussette to work his way up to Assistant Vice President of a Fortune 500 company without a degree. Now he is committed to sharing his insights on effective communication, diversity and relationship-building to help teams and organizations work more effectively.

Cindy Ashton

Despite being born with a 20% chance of living, enduring multiple heart surgeries and living with chronic pain, Cindy rose above her stressors to be a master presenter, award-winning TV personality and musical actress. Combining stress management tools with world class presentation techniques, Cindy has a proven track of leading executives and teams to get higher buy-in, increase their influence and double their sales.

Jill Lublin

A highly regarded publicity and communications expert who has spoken on 5 continents, Jill’s master strategies in networking, referral marketing and building customer relationships has resulted in teams doubling their sales. An effectively delivered message drives impact and profits to unsurpassed levels.

Doug Noll

As an award-winning lawyer-turned-peacemaker, Doug has worked in extremely diverse communities, from maximum security prisons to Fortune 500 board rooms. He combines new science of human behavior with innovative and counter-intuitive strategies to speak and train business and organizational leaders around problem-solving, decision-making, and negotiation.

Michael Nir

As an Agile Leadership Expert and Executive Coach, Michael’s initiatives with one Fortune 100 company are saving over $12 million in program costs, with completion dates more than a year ahead of schedule.

Karen Tiber Leland

As a branding and marketing strategist, Karen’s strategic direction and implementation initiatives with Fortune 1000 companies (and their leaders) have resulted in expanding their reach, reputation and top line revenue by upwards of 25%.

Tina Greenbaum

An expert on high performance and resilience, Tina Greenbaum has worked with top athletes, executives and employees to achieve super human results under pressure and double their mental and emotional stamina to boost productivity.

Brian Smith

After founding and building UGG Australia which matured into a billion-dollar global icon, Brian Smith is now the leading authority on creating an unforgettable brand experience, rich corporate culture and highly productive teams.