The Speaker Stardom Advantage

The Speaker Stardom Advantage:

You want to have an outstanding event that your audience will rave about for months afterwards. You want speakers on board who go beyond just being well spoken. Speakers with riveting stories, mind bending content and the magnetism to ignite your audience into action.

And let’s face it, your reputation is on the line.

Common Complaints

“They looked great on paper but didn’t deliver in person”

“There are so many speakers. I don’t know how to tell who is qualified and who isn’t”

“The speaker had too much ego and was difficult to work with”

Let’s give you peace of mind. We do the vetting for you!

We have a very strict criteria by which we measure our speakers before representing them.

We make sure that:

  • They are truly experts in their field. For example, a lot of speakers self-publish a book and say, “I am an expert.” It only means that they have written a book. We look at their lifetime body of work and real credentials.
  • They are not robots! There is a style of speaking that is about being very posed and scripted which disconnects them from the audience. Our speakers know how to be naturally be magnetic on stage while playing off their audience and delivering their content with the finesse of an Oscar winner.
  • They have something fresh to say on the topic. You never have to worry about a speaker spewing out generic content. Our speakers offer interesting perspectives.
  • We have checked their references. Our speakers must align with our values of integrity, humility and trust.

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Here are the criteria our speaker must pass

Stage Performance

  • Strong movements and actions while staying relaxed in the body
  • Ability to listen to the audience and respond and adjust to their cues
  • Dynamic use of the voice including how to phrase and use subtle nuances to elicit emotion from the audience and keep them listening
  • Knowledge on how to use the space on the stage to elevate storytelling and impact
  • Ability to effectively use arms and hands to animate the talk and punctuate important points
  • Mastery of pacing to keep the momentum going and the talk riveting
  • Can easily adjust to changes in allotted time and mishaps (such as technical issues)
  • Understands how to manage a riley or exhausted audience


  • Well-crafted stories that include attention grabbing introductions, a pathway through the ups and downs, story loops, tension and release and a powerful message
  • Thought provoking messages, a deeper dive and / or a fresh perspective to the topic. Nothing generic or watered down
  • Tools, strategies or action steps that are simple to understand yet still high value and impactful
  • A clear and focused end goal of the overall talk that solves a specific problem for the audience
  • All the pieces of the talk work together seamlessly to accomplish the end goal
  • Knowledge on how to alter a talk based on allotted time and if it is a keynote, regular talk or break out session.


  • At least 2 years of speaking on stage with a minimum of 30 or more talks (30 minutes or more each)
  • Extensive training as a speaker and / or performing artist. Examples: worked with a speaking coach one on one or in a group; or classes in comedy improvisation, movement, acting, writing, singing or media. This will be qualified on an individual basis. Note: Toastmasters experience with no additional criteria met does not qualify
  • Have spoken to a variety of audience sizes and must have spoken to at least 200 attendees in one of them.
  • Have delivered a variety of keynotes, breakout sessions and regular talks
  • Demonstrates that they have either extensive education and / or experience in their field. This will be qualified on an individual basis
  • Mid to high-level press preferred.

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