How We Get You Booked!

Looking to Get Booked More?

For Professional Speakers:

You have an amazing message but don’t know how to get in front of meeting planners

You have been on multiple stages but most engagements don’t seem to pay or they pay very little

You are truly an expert in your field but are having a hard time getting seen

For High Profile & Celebrity Speakers:

You are already getting high paid bookings and want to increase your volume

You want someone to manage your speaking career and bookings

You are looking to break into another niche and don’t have the time to do the leg work to build that branch

What is the missing key to getting booked?

You’re positioning, targeting and reach out are not specific enough. There are already millions of speakers on motivation, business, wellness and other topics. Most speakers and speaking manager’s give the same watered-down message, regardless of the niche or the specific objectives of the event. We help you define a specific message that is unique to each of the niche’s you serve that makes YOU the authority above all the other speakers.

Ways you can get booked

Let’s face it, most speakers don’t want to be making sales calls all day. They just want to be on stage! So what are the options?

Speaking Bureau

  • Not pitching for speaker
  • General pitching WHEN an event is available
  • No accountability
  • No fee + 30% commission
  • Average of 2-3 speaking events per year

Speaker Manager

  • Pitching for Speaker
  • General pitching: No specific target market
  • No accountability
  • $60 to $80 per hour
  • Only low paid speaking engagements

Do-It Yourself

  • Pitch yourself
  • General pitching (most likely)
  • No accountability
  • Cost is counted in time and energy. And most people hate making sales calls
  • Variable number of speaking engagements

Speaker Stardom

  • Pitching for speaker
  • Strategic, targeted pitching
  • Accountability system
  • Monthly fee + 20% commission
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • High paid speaking engagements

How We Get You Booked

If you are qualified to be represented by us, there are the steps we will take to support you:
Marketing and Positioning Strategist develops your customized campaign based on your market and message.

step 1


Lead Generation Expert develops targeted leads for you, specific to your platform.

step 2


A dedicated sales person is trained on the campaign and learns about your specifics inside out. Sales calls are executed to bring you results.

step 3


Our head of sales monitors your dedicated sales person to ensure they are executing your campaign with precision and getting you booked as well as selling your other products and services.

step 4


We manage your entire booking so all you have to do is show up and be your brilliance.

step 5


Our team follows up after your bookings to get recommendations, referrals and more possible work.

step 6


What Topics We Represent

We specialize in booking our speakers into paid corporate and industry events. For us to represent you, your topic has to be relevant to those markets. If you are currently speaking in the motivational, spiritual or entrepreneurial markets and can demonstrate to us that your topic can be re-positioned with solid deliverables for a market within the corporate sector, then we may be able to represent you.

If you know you want to move into paid speaking but not sure how to alter your current topics, then we can build you a speaking platform. To schedule a consultation with one of our rock star program directors, please click here.

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Getting Started as an Elite or Celebrity / High Profile Speaker with our Agency

As one of our speakers, your monthly package includes:

  • 12 or more hours of your dedicated sales agent doing conference submittals, relationship building for you with meeting planners and pitching you for speaking engagements
  • Ongoing targeted lead generation to your niche
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Monthly reporting
  • Ongoing accountability and quality measures that includes the monitoring of calls for continued coaching and adjustments to maintain high standards, ensuring maximum conversion

Some of our packages include comprehensive onboarding where you work with our positioning strategist and speaker co-ordinator to develop your campaign; our lead generation expert seeks targeted opportunities for you; we train a dedicated sales person on your campaign; and we develop your customized pitches and marketing materials (all of which you can use in your own business too!)

To get exact pricing and learn about all our options to get booked, please fill out an application (scroll down) so we can perform a full analysis and explore if we are fit to work together.


We are taking on both Americans and Canadians at this time. Speakers are booked in countries where they are legally eligible to work. Our Canadian speakers can legally speak in the US for an additional fee (lawyer, filing and admin fees).

A 6 month ramp up period is required to build a solid pipeline of speaking engagements for you. A speaker may qualify as elite but may need additional resources, such as positioning created for a specific vertical, a speaker reel, or a speaker one sheet. Those can be provided by Speaker Stardom or their recommended affiliates at an additional charge.

Here are some examples of your earning potential:

In one month, we land you…

  • 2 speaking gigs at $5000 each. After our commission and your monthly fee, your net profit is $7400.
  • 1 speaking gig at $7500 + $1000 worth of your books. After our commission and your monthly fee, your net profit is $6200.
  • Ongoing targeted lead generation to your niche
  • 2 speaking gigs at $15 000 each. After our commission and your monthly fee, your net profit is $23 400
  • And so on… the possibilities are endless

Criteria to be represented by us

To build a strong reputation, high credibility and substantial results for our speakers, and earn trust from event planners and their organizations, it is important to ensure our speakers are qualified to be represented. When we review your application, we are looking for specific items. Watch our video or scroll down for more details.

Stage Performance

  • Strong movements and actions while staying relaxed in the body
  • Ability to listen to the audience and respond and adjust to their cues
  • Dynamic use of the voice including how to phrase and use subtle nuances to elicit emotion from the audience and keep them listening
  • Knowledge on how to use the space on the stage to elevate storytelling and impact
  • Ability to effectively use arms and hands to animate the talk and punctuate important points
  • Mastery of pacing to keep the momentum going and the talk riveting
  • Can easily adjust to changes in allotted time and mishaps (such as technical issues)
  • Understands how to manage a riley or exhausted audience


  • Well-crafted stories that include attention grabbing introductions, a pathway through the ups and downs, story loops, tension and release and a powerful message
  • Thought provoking messages, a deeper dive and / or a fresh perspective to the topic. Nothing generic or watered down
  • Tools, strategies or action steps that are simple to understand yet still high value and impactful
  • A clear and focused end goal of the overall talk that solves a specific problem for the audience
  • All the pieces of the talk work together seamlessly to accomplish the end goal
  • Knowledge on how to alter a talk based on allotted time and if it is a keynote, regular talk or break out session.


  • At least 2 years of speaking on stage with a minimum of 30 or more talks (30 minutes or more each)
  • Extensive training as a speaker and / or performing artist. Examples: worked with a speaking coach one on one or in a group; or classes in comedy improvisation, movement, acting, writing, singing or media. This will be qualified on an individual basis.
  • Have spoken to a variety of audience sizes and must have spoken to at least 200 attendees in one of them.
  • Have delivered a variety of keynotes, breakout sessions and regular talks
  • Demonstrates that they have either extensive education and / or experience in their field. This will be qualified on an individual basis
  • Mid to high-level press preferred.
See if you are eligible to get booked!
Our team takes great care and time to thoroughly review your application to define what programs you qualify for. We care about your success, and we owe it to you and our organizations to maintain our values and standards of trust, and integrity to provide honest and constructive feedback for your continued growth and success. Our video above defines our criteria. You can expect a response within a week. If you are qualified to be represented by us as an elite or high profile speaker, we will discuss all the details of moving forward. If you are not quite ready, we will give you feedback on the areas you need to boost up.
“I need more training first.”
We have a unique program where we will give you speaking training while submitting you for bookings. This program is amazing as you will be gaining the skills you need to be a paid speaker and have a team working to getting you booked... which helps you monetize your investment in a short time. We also have courses on how to land paid speaking engagements, speech writing, stage performance and more. Everything you need to be a successful, elite level speaker. Want to find out more?