Get Trained!

Become a Firestarter!

Cindy & Mark have seen many speakers give up on their dreams because their vision was so huge, they didn’t know where to start.  They created this membership for you because they know just how daunting it can be start your journey without knowing how to fulfill it.  Mark and Cindy designed a training program to empower you.  By becoming a Firestarter, you will:

  • Develop a powerful message that will impact lives
  • Be supported while expanding your visibility
  • Grow your following and your income
  • Increase your volume of speaking engagements

Lucrative Bookings Intensive

This is a small group, intensive course designed to take place over 90-days.  It will show you how to connect with decision makers and negotiate to generate high paid speaking engagements!  It includes a customized, 90-day action plan to get your booked – there is nothing cookie cutter about this!

Next Class:

Starting July 12th, 2018
Limited to only 20 speakers

You will walk away with:

  • 16 strategies to generate targeted leads
  • 7 ways to gain direct access to decision maker’s contact information
  • The exact template to write emails that grab attention and convert
  • A step by step template to engage them on the phone and keep them talking to you
  • How to leverage one gig into several bookings + coaching and training packages
  • 4 ways meeting planners typically respond and how to follow up
  • A crafted marketing message to engage your ideal market
  • How to define your positioning so you stand out amongst the crowd
  • What questions you need to ask during your needs analysis
  • The keys to negotiate in higher pay and perks