Despite an early life growing up in poverty, Gerry Valentine successfully built a 25-year career as a Fortune 100 executive, leading business lines in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Along the way he learned that the resilience he’d used to overcome adversity is a skill anyone can learn.  Now he shares those lessons with audiences—showing them how to become courageous leaders, find innovation in adversity, and use the fear of change as a springboard to success. 


Gerry Valentine inspires people to build resilience—to overcome setbacks, to look at challenges in new ways, and to understand that adversity can become a source of resilience. Gerry’s a public speaker, executive coach, and business advisor with more than 25 years of Fortune 100 leadership experience. As the founder of Vision Executive Coaching, he is a trusted advisor to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and entire companies.  

Gerry is a TEDx speaker, is a contributor to, and has taught executive leadership at Colorado State University. Gerry earned a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from New York University. 

Expert On

  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Innovation
  • High Performance
  • STEM Organizations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Diversity

Travels FromNew York, NY

Price Range:  $7,500 – $10,000 

Works In: USA

Languages: English

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If you or your organization needs to build resilience and thoughtful risk taking, then Gerry is the ideal speaker to get moving in that direction. I participated in a recent talk he delivered to NYC-SHRM, "How to Build Resilience" and found it thought-provoking and inspiring. In fact, he motivated this introvert to share a personal story in front of a large audience. His visual aids were helpful, not distracting, and he was always clear and persuasive. I especially enjoyed the group exercises, which served to break up the discussion, apply relevant concepts and help us build new relationships. Bravo! 

Brett Whysel, Founder   Decision Fish LLC

Gerry delivered an extremely well-received workshop on "Building Resilience" for NYC SHRM's Speaker Select Series. His presentation was very informative, using frameworks and personal examples, as well as small group interactive exercises and general discussions. Gerry is an experienced professional who has an amazing personal story of resilience and business success which are much more correlated than we would initially think. He sites examples of former US Presidents and other leaders. The discussion in the room got very deep and personal with participants feeling encouraged, taking away new perspectives and tools. I highly recommend Gerry as a speaker on this important topic. 

Jennifer White, PhD, Managing Director   White Wave Consultin

Gerry Valentine delivered the single most inspiring talk that we have ever had at Hudson Valley Tech Meetup. I've never had so many attendees stop and thank me for booking a particular speaker. After thinking about why his talk was so good and trying to understand the positive reaction that so many people had to Gerry I came to the conclusion that it's not just what Gerry talks about but how if feels to be with him - how he IS with you. Your brain will learn from Gerry's words but your heart is also going to love how it feels to learn from someone who cares. No doubt you can find a lot of professional speakers who can educate your group with their experience but when you get to work with Gerry Valentine the actual experience will go well beyond the intellectual and into the realm of social and emotional learning. This is just how Gerry is. If you are reading this, don't delay, meet him in person and book the first available date for him to speak with your group. I guarantee that he will be one of the most inspiring people that you've ever worked with. 

Kale Kaposhilin, Co-founder, Chief Community Officer   Moonfarmer

The Resilient Organization: How to Avoid the Paralysis That Comes with Change and Disruption

During uncertain times, it’s natural for organizational leaders to feel under siege, shut down and struggle to adapt to new realities. In this energetic and inspirational presentation, Gerry shows his audiences how to use the discomfort of change as a springboard to more open communication and greater flexibility so that their organizations can thrive and succeed in a disruptive world. 

Why Fearless Leaders Fail: How to Build Courageous Leadership To Embrace Change and Excell

Fear is a natural response to a changing environment, which means that truly fearless leaders tend to ignore change until it’s too late. In this revealing presentation, Gerry shows his audiences the reasons people fear and resist change, as well as providing key strategies for embracing new ideas and leading others through uncertain times so that their organizations can achieve outstanding results. 

Reinvention Thinking: How to Overcome Challenges and Uncertainty in a Disruptive World

Systems, technology and even markets change so frequently that valuable knowledge becomes out of date fast.  In this engaging and insightful presentation, Gerry shows his audiences the keys to stimulating curiosity and accepting change so that they can create a culture of reinvention that keeps their organizations fresh, thriving and profitable.