You have a powerful message that you want to impact lives with and want support in expanding your visibility  

You are a good speaker and want to get to great to grow your following and income 

You are a professional speaker that wants the newest trends and strategies so you can increase your volume of speaking engagements  

If this is you, you are a Firestarter!!! You are relentless in seeing your purpose fulfilled. You know you have that spark to change lives on a grand scale.  

Watch the video to learn more about joining our membership…. Or just keep reading!  

We (Cindy and Mark) created this membership for you because we know how daunting it can be to have such a huge vision and desire to see it through. When you play big, you need a galaxy behind you and with you every step of the way!

Being a Firestarter gives you access to these advantages: 

Training Videos

On an ongoing basis, you will receive a short, high impact video to give you strategic actions you can take to build your speaking platform. Expect amazing content in these categories to light your fire to the next level:

  • How to Get Booked
  • Stage Performance
  • Sales Training
  • Storytelling Skills
  • Business and Success Strategies
  • Speech Writing & Speak to Sell
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • On Camera Presence
  • Marketing Messaging  

At the end of each video, you will be given an activity to complete. You can post your results in our Facebook group to get feedback and praise for keeping that fire growing. Includes the video, mp3 recording and action guide.

Cool Challenges

We know as speakers, there is so much more to being a high paid speaker than JUST the speaking. Once in awhile we have an expert coming in to give you the resources to accomplish a specific goal within 30 days. You get access to these challenges and more:  

  • Optimize Your Speaker Website with Lauren Pibworth. You may have a beautiful website but if it is not set up in a certain way, meeting planners may walk away before even knowing how brilliant you are. 
  • Write Your Signature Story with award winning TV producer and story master Jason Reid. You have amazing things you have overcome and accomplished but now you need to tell your story powerfully to activate your audience into action.
  • Business Growth Strategies with Barb Stuhlemmer. You have products and services but knowing how to package and price them to sell could double your income within a short time 
  • Develop Your Idea Worth Spreading with Davide Di Giorgio. Get ready to uncover that message that will attract raving fans, bookings and news clients. 

Group Coaching Calls with Cindy, Mark & Other Experts

No matter what stage of your speaking career you are in, new challenges arise and being able to have experts to give you feedback, advice and strategy is priceless. And being able to attend these calls from anywhere in the world (and even in your pajama's) makes it easy to tap in, get support and see your speaking soar.

Exclusive, member only discounts to our events, programs and coaching

Get ready because stars all over the universe are dancing in excitement. From radically amazing live events to luxurious retreats to electrifying stage performance intensives where you can get your speaker reel produced by an Emmy winner, we have brilliant things cooking here and YOU get access to them… and at a lower rate. 

Connections and discounts to our highly vetted service providers 

Let’s face it, there are a LOT of service providers out there. How do you know who truly delivers on their promises, has integrity and produces excellent results? We have done the work for you. We have partnerships with some of the brightest firecrackers on this planet. And we have negotiated with them so you can get the best price.  

Snazzy Contests

Hello, of course we love to give stuff away! Every now and then, our team will have a marvelous contest to keep you entertained and who knows, one month you may be our shooting star and win!

Interactive Private Facebook Group

You are going to love our community. How can you not? It is filled with Firestarters like you who are committed to lighting up the world with the message. In this group, you can ask questions, participate in one of our challenges, get feedback on the actions you take from your weekly videos and more. 

"Speaker Stardom Booking Agency & Academy is a one-of-a-kind speaker agency. My dream is to be a full-time, paid speaker at large industry conferences. CEO, Cindy Ashton and her team of professionals provide all of the training and marketing needed to be successful. All I need to do is be the artist and focus on my craft." ~David Alemian, Professional Speaker, Recruitment and Retention Expert 

Who is Speaker Stardom? 

We are an elite booking agency and academy committed to elevating the speaking industry by advancing elite speakers to the top echelon of their profession.  

CEO and Co-Founder Cindy Ashton has been gracing stages across North America as a professional speaker and opera / musical theater performer for over 20 years. She is masterful at teaching her speakers how to ‘work the stage and giving them strategy to land high paid bookings.

COO and Co-founder, Mark Villareal has been building businesses and leading high performing sales teams for 35 years. He is genius at teaching speakers how to create sustainable systems in their business for ongoing growth as well as lead high converting sales conversations. 

How Our Galaxy Can Support You

You can use your membership in multiple ways:

  • You get a speaking gig but don’t know what to charge. Ask us in the private Facebook group
  • You notice the audience is fidgety when you are talking. Go into the video library
  • Your audience raves about you but they don’t seem to buy from you. Ask one of our expert partners (who love to hang out in our Facebook)
  • You find your voice gets tired after a speaking gig. Ask our co-founder Cindy 
  • You are getting a lot of consultations but don’t seem to be able to close them. Ask our co-founder Mark  

You get the picture. We are here for you 100% as you build your platform… no matter what comes up!

Your Firestarter Membership Includes:

  • Your weekly training videos with action guide and mp3s (gain instant access to past videos at any time)
  • Cool Challenges (archived in your private members portal forever)
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Exclusive, member only discounts to our events and coaching
  • Connections and discounts to our highly vetted service providers
  • Snazzy Contests
  • Interactive Private Facebook Group  

Be one of the first 100 Firestarters to join to receive this membership for 25 US / month forever!  

Price goes up to 25 / month after our founding member limit of 100 is reached.  

This membership is month to month, no contract, cancel anytime.  



You can trust us!