Learn from a Billionaire how to make your product go viral

Learn from a Billionaire how to make your product go viral

In our last blog, Billionaire Jeff Hoffman shared about why you need to have a Gold Medal product to be seen as the best in your field and scale your company faster. If you missed that email, click here.

Today, he shares the key to getting your product to go viral. And if you are good at darts, you may just have an edge! 

The biggest challenge a company has around selling their products is the way in which they craft that message to a specific market and the how they deliver story to ensure that it is captivating and convincing. 

Many companies have great products but too easily, they fall into the trap of casting too wide a net and creating a message and campaign to a broad market.  

Think of a dart board. In the middle is the bulls-eye – the target you throw darts at that is of the highest value. There are concentric rings that expand out like waves. Now imagine you are playing and randomly throwing the darts hoping it hits. Because there isn’t a targeted enough intention, the darts land in various places. Some of those spots give you strong results. Some, rather dismal.  

Marketing and sales is like a target you throw darts at. The more focused and strategic your aim, the better your results. 

The key to going viral is to craft that message to a very niche market (that bulls-eye) that will love your product and easily buy it. As you build your team of raving fans, THEY will do the work for you and spread the word like waves, out to the masses.  

Why pay for extensive marketing when you can have your customers do it for you? Imagine how much money you will save on doing more targeted campaigns and how much faster your product will get known. 

Our company, Speaker Stardom is proud to be hosting this amazing event:

An intimate 2-day mastermind with Billionaire Jeff Hoffman.
September 19th and 20th in Dallas, TX

A few companies will have the opportunity to work with Jeff where he will help you identify, “Who will buy it first? What customers would will be your greatest ambassadors?” Then he will give you strategy to learn how to go in the middle of the bullseye, create a refined narrow message and target those people who are destined to love your product. Once you build the army of fans, they will become your sales force to the next ring of people and that is when it takes to go viral.  

To discover how this mastermind will grow your company significantly, please schedule a call with Speaker Stardom by clicking HERE. 

Here’s to hitting the bulls-eye every time!
Cindy Ashton, CEO of Speaker Stardom 

P.S. As a huge bonus, Jeff will do an analysis of your company, give you personalized feedback on what areas you need to work on to scale to the next level and in addition, give you private coaching time after the mastermind.