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“I know I need to invest in building my business and speaking platform. There are so many service providers. How do I know who to work with?”

Just like we have strict criteria for the speakers we represent, the same is true for our partners.  Integrity is one of our values so we want you to know that we do take a small commission for referring each of our partners.

We have taken great care to research and review each of the people listed here to ensure they deliver excellent service that garners strong results.

If you decide to move ahead with working with one of our service providers, join our Firestarter membership for exclusive offers and discounts to them.

Watch our video to learn more and then scroll down to meet our superstars:

Check out our partners:

Cindy Ashton, Your Persuasive Voice
Cindy Ashton, Your Persuasive Voice
Elite Level Presentation Skills, Speaking Voice, Body Language, Content Delivery, Leadership Presence

Normal speaking training is cookie cutter, canned poses and speech effects which reads as fake and disconnects the speaker, sales person and executive from their audience… which means you can’t in...
Lauren Pibworth, Pibworth Professional Service
Lauren Pibworth, Pibworth Professional Service
Brand Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Chief Fun Officer

Lauren’s skills and experience in the advertising industry combined with small business management allow her to create effective and efficient marketing plans that exceed her clients’ expectations...
Li Hayes
Li Hayes
Booking Agent & Bookings Facilitator for Emerging Speakers

A speaking gig networking group, because Speaking is Easy. Getting Gigs is Hard.  The Speaker Exchange is a membership group of professional speakers who understand that hard work, focus, account...